It’s all new to me!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a 50-years young newbie vegan – and there can’t be many who can say that! If you’re new to all this too, or are simply looking for some recipes and inspiration, check in regularly and we can share the journey.

New to a plant-based diet – 8 months and counting – I’ve found it relatively easy to make the transition from carnivore with vegetarian tendencies to all round veggie lover and vegan food enthusiast. Following my decision to cut out meat, fish and dairy from my diet, there was a lot of online recipe gathering and sighing and head-scratching and trial and error. Followed by the realisation that not only did I feel better physically but I felt better about doing my bit for animal welfare and the planet too. Win win, right?


This is the place where I cook up my plant-based creations.

During the past 8 months of head-scratching and research I’ve stumbled upon some delicious recipes, intriguing ingredients, light-bulb ideas and, well, not so lovely produce. Over the next few weeks I’ll try to list some of the best and to share some of my most successful experiments. I’ll draw a thin veil over the not so nice results of my cookery and produce gathering experiences shall I?

Rather than using meat substitutes (I mean, what’s the point?), I like to use vegetables, beans and pulses in recipes which lend themselves to a vegan make-over (vegan cottage pie anyone? How about vegan chilli, or veggie wellington?) Yes, there are things I miss, but I’ve found that rather than missing the actual turkey, bacon or fish or whatever my carnivorous craving is at that moment, it’s the accompanying flavours and texture that tantalises my taste buds. After all what’s turkey without the trimmings, bacon without the crispy rind and brown sauce, or fish without the salty vinegary chips and tartare sauce?

So, I set about finding alternatives in the veggie world while keeping the flavours of my past. I hope you enjoy the recipes and ideas to come.